History of the Lens Flare

Interesting short clip put together by the people over at Vox explaining the history of the lens flare. Anyone who is a fan of movies, film, photography, and even design will immediately recognize the name and for those who might not be familiar with the name, once you see the effect that should quickly ring a bell.

Around The Web 03.11.16

Coffee Cups of New York City

Gear Patrol has a great collection of New York City Coffee Cups.

Ever wonder where NASA’s old equipment go? Take a look at NASA’s Graveyards.

LifePrint is an app and portable printer that allows you to print an image from a video directly from your phone.

Resizer by Google Design is a great tool that allows you to see how your site looks on all devices by entering the url.

Photographer Aaron Tilley’s photo series, In Anxious Anticipation, captures images of high stress situations. via The Fox is Black

Around The Web 02.25.16

Intel Face Mapping

Amazing face-mapping art performance created by Nobumichi Asai and Intel.

No matter what style of photography your into, there’s a ton of inspiring images from the 2016 World Press Photo contest.

Design studio Convivial has released a DIY augmented reality book that doesn’t require apps or glasses. However, a projector is needed. via PSFK

Currently in private beta, Figma has released a new tool that allows users to create vector objects entirely inside a browser.

Photographer Ayar Kuo spent 5 years capturing these fascinating photos of a cleansing ritual in Yakutia. via It’s Nice That

Around The Web 02.12.16

Japanese animated GIF

Artist Tsushi Segawa has taken classic Japanese images of Ukiyo-e and turned them into playful gifs by adding a touch of modern technology into the scenes.

Scientist detect Einstein’s theory on gravitational waves for the first time.

Europe’s first underwater museum, Museo Atlantico, is set to open later this month and from the images this looks like a must visit attraction.

This mini USB powered humidifier seems like a great addition to anyones workspace. via Swiss-Miss

Ever wonder how NFL games manage to show the yellow first-down line across the tv? Here’s a video explaining the complex technology.

Around The Web 02.05.16

Geometric Shapes in Nature

Interesting geometric sculptures in nature created by Martin Hill via Swiss Miss

A company from Japan is going to build the worlds first autonomous farm.

This video of small RC Planes flying through a giant loop looks like a scene out of a movie.

Is it possible that Tokyo will host a floating eco-city in 30 years? I sure hope so.

*Spoiler Alert – with the Super Bowl taking place on Sunday. Here’s a link to all the Super Bowl commercials that will be shown.

Around The Web 01.29.16

Animated Double Exposure

The animated double exposures by Said Dagdeviren are amazing.

How NYC is subtly redesigning their subway cars.

Breifcase celebrates twenty years of Czech typeface.

This might be a leak of Snapchat redesign or it could just be rumors.

An interesting photo series documenting West African barbershops by Andrew Esiebo.