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MTV Music

I recently Art Directed and lead designed the newly re-launched website. Dark Igloo designed the awesome logos throughout the site. This site brings the focus of music videos back to MTV and allows users to rate videos, embed them into online communities, add videos to their profiles and more. The site is just a soft launch but is already receiving some positive hype.

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Communication Arts Interactive Anuual

Vitamin Water
Glaceau was among a few sites selected for the 14th Communication Arts Interactive Annual issue. This is one of my favorite sites that I worked on during my time at Big Spaceship. This issue is now available at most bookstores and features a wide range of work by other great agencies.

Quantum Of Solace: Multiplayer Game

Quantum of Solace
Quantum of Solace
Quantum of Solace
Quantum of Solace

Before making the decision to freelance full time, one of the final projects I had the opportunity to work on while at Big Spaceship was Quantum Of Solace online mutliplayer game. The film will be out in theaters in November but for those of you who can’t wait to see it, you can experience the online game here. One of the challenges for creating this game was to make levels based off environments in the film with pretty much no assets provided. At the end of the first Bond movie, Casino Royale, there is a villa along side the ocean, this is one of the levels in the Q.O.S online game and to achieve the angle that was needed to make the game the villa had to basically be recreated from scratch. I started in Illustrator by making outlines of different sections of the villa then creating the columns, rails and the roof separately and placing it into position on the villa. I tried to texture it as well by creating bricks, shingles and shadows but it looked too vectorish. I brought the final illustrated villa into photoshop and overlayed numerous textures on each part of the building which took quit a while to make it not look like a pattern. The final part was adjusting colors and shadows to match that of the real villa.