Underworld Rise Of The Lycans

Underworld Rise Of The Lycans
Underworld Rise Of The Lycans website just went live today, this was the final project that I had the chance to work on while I was at Big Spaceship. The site features the normal cast, story, downloads, etc. but also includes three mini games throughout the site. You can experience the site by scrolling left to right or vice versa in a parallax movement or to go directly to a section there is a quick navigation button.

Hugo World


Sorry for the lack of posts the past couple of days, I have been busy trying to finish a couple of projects before the upcoming Holidays. There are two new sites that I worked on that I am pretty excited about and both of those should launch around Thanksgiving or a week later, I will update those as soon as they are live. Also, I created the illustration above for Hugo’s create contest with the theme “World”. If you happen to have an extra minute I would really appreciate it if you could vote for my design if you like it. Thanks!

New Piece

This week I was finally able to get some free time and work on a personal design something that I haven’t had a chance to do in a while now. Between client work, administrative stuff, meetings, looking for ways to promote myself, etc.. the normal things most freelancers have to deal with I’m sure, all my time is has been taken up the past couple of months. Its always good to take a step back and do something for yourself or something that reflects your personal style and in my case which got me to where I am today, not that its anything to mention but its a good start. I sort of got my inspiration on this piece from the OFFF ’09 Conference which had a theme of “This isn’t flying, This is falling with style”. Also if anyone lives in Lisbon and has a chance to attend the show next year in May, its definitely a good learning experience and very inspirational plus I hear the parties out there are worth the trip alone. I was able to attend the one in New York last year and found that the people who I have never heard about and didn’t know anything about their work, they seemed more inspiring then the ones I did know about. But, everybody was great and it was a well put together conference.

Banksy Sends A Message In NY


While known for his famous and amazing prankster like street art and unknown face, Banksy recently had a showing at Greenwich Village in NYC that sent a completely different and strong message to the people who witnessed the exhibit. The show titled “Village Pet Store and Tavern Grill” had a setting of a small pet store with the most incredible and cleverly thought out animatronics filling up cages and bowls while cheerful farm music looped in the background. The message was clearly stating the use of animals in today’s society being abused (or eaten for the vegans) for the gratification of oneself.

Some of the displays included Mcdonald’s style chicken nuggets caged up and dipping their heads in and out of a barbecue sauce, a leopard jacket shaped as the animal while resting on a tree with a wagging tail, a plucked tweety bird locked up in a cage and a monkey with headphones on watching other monkeys in the wild mating on a small television set. I’m not sure where and if this exhibit will go to another place after here but if it does I strongly suggested everyone in that area check it out, its free and its very impressive. As depressing as it was I’m definitely glad I got to see it on its last day.