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Wedding Announcements
Wedding Announcements

A good friend of mine from Orlando recently just got engaged and was looking for some wedding announcements. He wanted it to be a two sided post card style with a sort of organic theme, I gladly accepted to help design the announcements for him and his gf. I’m excited for them as they are both really awesome people, congrats you two..

Tropicana Pure Premium or Pure Failure?


As I was browsing through Ad Age the other day I came across an interesting post about the designer who rebranded the new Tropicana look, Peter Arnell. Some of you may already know that ever since the newly designed carton came out Tropicana’s profit has plunged 20%. Ad age has the video of Peter explaining his new design and the concept behind it. First off, to the average person who doesn’t know much about design I think his explanation is way too deep and over thought. The new bottle cap which resembles an orange is designed so when the consumer twists the cap to open the carton they are squeezing fresh orange juice into the carton, if it wasn’t for the video who the heck would have ever thought of that? I can picture some random soccer mom pouring a glass for her kids thinking wow this cap really makes the OJ seem pure and natural. With all due respect the re-design of Tropicana has failed, Pepsi the manufacture of this brand is already switching back to the old cartons but keeping the new cap. Pepsi basically spent tons of money re-brandng Tropicana which lasted just a couple months. With the failure of Tropicana I kind of wonder if the brands sales has really dropped because of the re-design or perhaps it’s a coincidence that the economy has been struggling even more this time around. Some people have been saying the carton looks like a store brand which I can understand, but my only argument with that is despite the fact that it may look like a store brand OJ you still see the words Tropicana, so are you not going to purchase it because you don’t like the new design?