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Design Magazines
Dating back to the time I was still in school and throughout my career, like many, I constantly found myself reading up on the current news in my industry to try stay on top of things and to remain relevant. One of my main sources was reading through design related magazines such as Print, Computer Arts, Computer Projects, Communication Arts, How Magazine, and the list goes on. I understand the hard economic times everyone is going through these days and that people have to do what is necessary to keep moving forward but one thing I have noticed that is making me think twice about making a purchase is the rise in price of design magazines. Some of the main publications have increased their prices in 2009 quite significantly compared to last year while the content and amount of material for each magazine seems to remain the same if not even trimmed down a bit. I purchased one of my favorite magazines, “Communication Arts” back in 2008 and paid $16 for the Interactive Annual and today I noticed this yearly issue was on sale again but for the price of $24. “Print” is another well known magazine that has increased the price from about $12 an issue now up to $19. While these prices are still affordable for some, for others I think paying almost $20 for a magazine that has not increased it’s content is starting to get a little costly. Some magazines such as New York Times and Computer Arts have tried ways to save money for the consumer by slicing the overall width and height a couple inches thus saving a little bit on print production and keeping the prices relatively the same. I know it’s not easy for all publications to do this and for some it’s much harder than others but I personally think an $8 increase per issue without some added content or additional value is making it a very hard purchase to make.