2011 Year In Review

I’m not sure how 2011 went by so quick, maybe its due to the fact that I’m another year closer to turning 30. Whatever reason it may be it definitely came and left in a hurry. Here’s a quick look back of some of the things I worked on and experienced.

Forward to March, Japan was devastated when they were hit with one of the largest earthquakes in history.  Many people tried to contribute in some way to help the country out, so when I was asked to participate in a poster series with proceeds going towards the relief effort I couldn’t turn the project down.  I’m glad I contributed in a small way but wish I able to help out on a larger scale.

Also in March one of the projects that I worked on with MTV finally launched.  The project MTV Hive debuted at SXSW and received a W3 Award and Communication Arts site of the day.

In June another side project that I worked on was released by the good people over at Grove Made.  The studio based in Portland creates amazing hand-made bamboo iPhone and iPad cases.

Compared to 2010 my girlfriend and I did not get to travel as much but we did manage to visit a couple places towards the end of the year. We spent 4th of July in Virgina with some friends then later on in the month we went to check out San Diego and also nerd out at Comic Con.

The biggest story in August was the flop of Hurricane Irene.  Growing up in Orlando I had my fair share of hurricane seasons and NY simply does not compare.  I know it’s better to be safe than sorry and thankfully no one was really hurt but when the Mayor shuts everything down and mandates evacuation zones in the city you would except a little more than just rain and mild winds.

In September we took an 8 hour drive (by we I mean I drove the whole way there and back) up to Montreal, it was my first time in Canada and I really enjoyed it.  Old Montreal reminds me of Paris and there is so much good food to eat there that I would go back just for that. One of my favorite restaurants DNA serves great tasting but some really bizarre foods such as duck liver and horse heart tarter. The restaurant is definitely not for the average eater.

In October we went on another short road trip to Salem, MA.  I guess this would be the Disney of Halloween but it was interesting to learn and see all the history behind the Witch Trails.

MTV launched a private event at the Samsung Experience Center by Central Park. This was for the release of MTV Music Meter for the Samsung Smart TV’s which I was lucky to have been able to work on. I also designed and animated all the visuals throughout the store.  The Music Meter received a couple of awards this year including FWA Mobile of the DayIAC Award and Web Marketing Award.

The year wrapped up with a really good 4-course dinner with a bunch of friends at Traif in Williamsburg.  Some dishes included Ahi Tuna wrapped with Wagyu Beef and Trout & Caviar Baked Potato.  From there rest of the night pretty much went downhill.

Overall, 2011 was another good year and I’m grateful for all the opportunities I had.  Thanks to all my clients that I had a chance to work with, the couple of people that I got to collaborate with, and also to anyone that reads my blog or purchased my work, I really appreciate it!  2012 is already shaping up to be a very busy year and according the the Mayans, could be an interesting one to say the least.