Moo Luxe Business Cards

Moo Luxe Business CardMoo Luxe Business CardMoo Luxe Business Card

In my four years of freelancing I never created business cards, I was rarely ever asked by anyone for a card as I received most of my inquires online. However during the time I would contemplate about making one but for some reason never got around to it until now.  I recently saw a couple of samples from Moo’s Luxe Cards and really like the overall aesthetic of it and decided to give them a shot.

When the cards came in the other day, I must say the first thing that caught my eye was the packing. The cards came in a nice box with a ribbon and seal stamped.  The cards are printed on Mohawk Superfine paper and are triple the weight of most cards.  One reason I went with Moo besides the card thickness, was the ability to have a center color which just adds a nice small touch. If you want more than one color or image on the back they will do this for free and you will get equal quantities of each one.

Boston 2012

I uploaded some photos on the good ol’ Flickr from a recent trip to Boston.  Most of these shots were taken while walking around the Freedom Trail in the city.  We were only there for one night so we didn’t get to see everything, but we did eat alot as usual and if your a fan of seafood I highly recommend The Daily Catch. The restaurant was really small with only one chef so the wait was around an hour or so but the calamari platter and squid ink pasta is well worth it.

The Armory Show

NY Armory Show 2012NY Armory Show 2012NY Armory Show 2012NY Armory Show 2012NY Armory Show 2012NY Armory Show 2012NY Armory Show 2012NY Armory Show 2012

Today I had a little bit free time to quickly check out The Armory Show at Pier 94. The show is basically divided up into 2 parts, Contemporary & Modern. Personally, I think the Contemporary section is more interesting it had a good mix of installations, sculptures, paintings, photography, and a bunch of random quirky projects here and there. Luckily there wasn’t a big crowd when I went but I’m guessing the weekend might be pretty slammed so you probably want to get there early.