Travels: Cayman Islands

Grand Cayman Islands

Last week I went to Cayman Islands with the wife and some friends. I’m usually not the type of person that likes to lay around outside in the heat and get baked but I had no complaints about it during this trip. The beach was amazing and so was the food.

Prior to the trip, I didn’t really know much about Cayman Islands. In fact, I kept picturing Cuba in my head but I was dead wrong. The island is pretty new and a lot of the architecture and stores were fairly modern.

Cayman Architecture

Local Coconut Guy
A local guy selling coconuts on the side of the road

Cutting the coconut

Conch Fritters
Heritage Kitchen – Conch Fritters

Ox Tail and Jerk Chicken
Undras – Ox Tail and Jerk Chicken

The food was really good and not too pricey. Some of my favorites were Heritage, Blue Cilantro and Undra’s

Pirate Week at Cayman Islands
We planned the trip so we would be there during Pirate Week, which apparently is a big deal in Cayman Islands.


Green Wall in Cayman Islands

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LiveSurface Context

Live Surface - Billboard

Live Surface - Bottle

Live Surface - Book

As designers, sometimes we find ourselves searching for stock images of physical products to place designs on. We all know that finding the right stock image can be a pain in the ass and also be very time consuming. What’s even more annoying is once we place our designs on the image, since the designs are usually flat, we have to mask, wrap, warp and do whatever we can to make it feel real. Any changes to the design, and you get to start the process all over again.

With LiveSurface, this saves us from all that frustration. The program runs along Illustrator in a Live View and allows you to choose from a large collection of stock photos to place your design on. All you have to do is work on your design and that image will automatically be applied to the photo you selected.

Designing Wedding Collateral

This past Saturday I got married and thankfully everything turned out great. Without sounding too cheesy or getting off subject with my blog, I’m going to skip the wedding details for now and forward to the design aspects of it.

Leading up the wedding we needed invites, a website, tags, guest books, etc. After looking around the web for a while, I didn’t really like any of the pre-made templates that I came across and decided to create my own items. I never created anything for a wedding before and had no clue what I would have to do.

I had a little over a year to complete everything, which is a good amount of time. This allowed me to look for various vendors for certain things. I still designed everything myself but found places to print books, invites and so on. All of the companies I used had an easy process and were great to work with, I would recommend them to anyone. If anyone is in a similar situation and needs some suggestions, below is some of the collateral I created and where I got them done.

Wedding Collateral

Wedding Website 1

Wedding Website 2
Website: Simple one page site in the style of the theme of the wedding.

Save The Date Invite
Save the Date Invites: Embossed with Gold Foil, printed at Thomas Printers

Wax Seal Stamp
Wax Stamp: Created at Nostalgic Impressions

Favor Label Tags
Party Favor Tags: I used Luxe Minicards from MOO and cut the ends off the top and hole-punched it.

DIY Party Favor Tags

Guest Book 1
Guest Book: I created the book from Blurb. Since we were having a photobooth, the idea was to have the guest sign 1 side of a page that had a small design and paste their photo on the opposite side.

Wedding Guest Book Pages

Guest Book 2

DIY Wedding Menu 1
Making the dinner menu on an old window.

DIY Wedding Menu 2