Weekend Getaway: Mohonk NY

Mohonk New York

Small pond beyond the trees

Rusted Fence

Mohonk Lake

Tightrope Walking
Hidden course in the woods

Looking over the mountains

Climbing Mountains

Mohonk Lemon Squeeze
The Lemon Squeeze

Looking over the cliff in Mohonk

Looking Down
Hanging shoes

Mohonk Panorama
Mohonk Panorama – Click image for large view

This past weekend I took a short trip upstate with a couple friends to the Mohonk Preserve. If you live in NYC and ever feel the need to get out of the city, I highly recommend this place. The views are amazing, there’s a hidden obstacle course in the woods (we found it by accident) and the hike to the Skytop tower is pretty challenging and fun.

Make sure you take the Lemon Squeeze route. This trail takes you through the mountains both over and under. The squeeze itself, is a very high and narrow ladder climb up to the top of the mountain.

For more or larger images, check out my Flickr.

2013 Frieze Art Fair – NY

2013 Frieze Art Fair - New York Frieze Art Fair - Monkey Painting
Monkey doing some painting
Frieze Art Fair - Workout Station
Rock solid workout station
Frieze Art Fair
Frieze Art Fair - Giant Pizza
Giant size pizza

This past weekend I went to check out the Frieze Art Fair on Randalls Island. If you plan on going, today’s the last day for the show. You can either take the ferry or the bus from the Guggenheim. I choose the bus thinking it would be an MTA one but to my surprise, it was the good ol’ classic yellow school buses, which I haven’t been on one since high school. Anyway’s there are some interesting pieces of art and some other ones that just make you shake your head in the bad way, which is pretty normal for these types of art shows.