Apple iOS 7

iOS 7 Logo

Since Apple’s announcement of iOS 7 yesterday, there has been a fair amount of criticism on the overall new look. This of course, is primarily coming from the design / tech community. For a company that’s been in the forefront of innovation and starting trends the past couple years, they seemed to have taken a step back and are one of the last ones to jump on the flat design bandwagon.

There are obvious design inconsistencies throughout iOS7 that it wouldn’t even be fair for me to point them out. But, perhaps something even more disappointing is that with the new iOS there doesn’t really seem to be anything new. The “new” features all seem like they have been done before by other companies here or there.

iOS 7 - Weather App
Weather – iOS 7 (left) Yahoo (Right)

iOS 7 - Lock Screen
Lock Screen – iOS 7 (left) Android (Right)

iOS 7 - Calculator
Calculator – iOS 7 (left) Android (Right)

All designers look to others for inspiration. But as I mentioned, with Apple who knew they would be following the steps of Windows and Android. Not saying they need to stick with the gloss and shine look, but they were the ones that mastered that style and it helped set them apart from their competition and many tried to mimic that. Same thing goes with the iPhone and iPad designs. I feel they just took the easy way out with the latest update and didn’t challenge themselves enough to create something new.