36 Hours In Montreal

This past weekend I took a road trip with a couple friends to Montreal for my Bachelor Party. This was my second time in Montreal and I gotta say the food and city always makes it a good time. As expected, it was pretty much a weekend of debauchery and our diet was basically Poutine, Sandwiches, Whiskey, Beer and more Poutine.

View of Downtown Montreal

Montreal Hotel
Hotel Saint James

Rue Saint Paul

Old Montreal
Old Montreal

Mr Smoked Meat in Montreal

St. Viateur Bagels in Montreal
The always popular debate on who makes better bagels, New York or Montreal. I think it’s a toss up but you be the judge. St Viateur

Schwartz's Deli in Montreal
Schwartz’s Deli smoked meat sandwich is the best sandwich I ever had. I got 4 extra ones to take back to New York which was probably unnecessary.

Big platter of Poutine
I don’t remember the name of this place but the Poutine was amazing. It looks like a plate of heart attack but it’s worth trying.

Montreal Architecture