Holiday Gift Guide for the _______ Designer

UNWIND — for the overworked designer
We all know how grueling and demanding this time of year can be. With ridiculously tight deadlines and countless hours trying to meet them, it’s easy to get burnt out. While these gifts might not resolve everything, they should at least calm you down, even if it’s just for a few minutes.

Yamazaki 12 Year Whisky
Yamazaki Whisky 12 Year — $80
No better way to unwind than with a glass of smooth tasting Whisky. As Bill Murray said “For a relaxing times, make it Suntory time.”

Jawbone Big Jambox
Jawbone Big Jambox — $200
Listening to music is always a good way to relax. Whether you’re into jazz, rock, folk or hip-hop, this little cordless portable speaker will project the perfect sound for up to 15 hours. You can also customize your own colors.

A Book Apart
A Book Apart — $25 to $100
Personally I don’t read to relax but if that’s your thing, A Book Apart has a great selection of web design related books written by many industry peers and experts. If you’re not sure what to pick up, they also sell gift cards for $25, $50 and $100.

BREAKTHROUGH — for the designer with creative block
As designers or creatives we’ve all been there. You’re stuck in what seems like a black hole of well, nothing. You can’t seem to focus or come up with any ideas for your project and times ticking away. Sometimes the best thing to do is step away from the computer and try to seek inspiration elsewhere.

Fuji X100T
Fuji X100T — $1,099
When I need inspiration, one thing that helps is to walk around and take photos. With this slick looking, compact and high-quality camera this is the perfect companion to bring along.

Topo Rover Pack
Topo Rover Pack — $198
While you’re walking around seeking inspiration, this heavy duty Topo bag is not only stylish but well designed to carry your stuff.

Wacom Bamboo Spark
Wacom Bamboo Spark — $160
This Wacom pen allows you to take notes or create sketches on regular paper and easily transfer them onto a digital device.

HOOKED— for the obsessed designer
We all have that friend who’s obsessed with something. In this case, it’s the obsessed designer who knows a bit too much about typography and colors and needs the latest gadget just to have it.

Typography Scrabble
Scrabble Typography — $50
While your friends might not notice the difference in this version of Scrabble, to you the font’s a game changer.

Pantone Coffee Pot
Pantone Coffee Pot — $30
Start thinking of colors first thing in the morning with this Pantone Coffee Pot. It’s also available in color 2294, for the digital people that’s #83b13b.

Cubify 3D Printer
Cubify 3D Printer — $999
Stay on top of the game and make your friends jealous with your very own 3D Printer by Cubify. This printer is ready to go out of the box.

Exploring The Underground with WFUV

Last week I had the privilege to speak with George Bodarky of WFUV who runs the podcast Cityscape. WFUV is a Fordham University radio station that’s also an affiliate of NPR. This was my first time doing a radio interview so it was definitely exciting and a bit nerve wrecking at the same time. We spoke about the New York City subway and my project NY Train Project. You can hear the podcast over at WFUV or below.

NY Train Project Rolls On

MTA 6 Train, Borough-Hall

Last year, I launched NY Train Project with all 118 Manhattan stations. Earlier this month, I completed and rolled out all 157 stations in Brooklyn, bringing the total count of stations now covered up to 276. The hours spent riding and waiting for the train is now up to 43 and the accumulation of subway swipes is at 19.

NY Train Project

In addition to the updated stations, users are now able to view the subway stations by boroughs. Of course for now there’s only Manhattan and Brooklyn. I’m also really honored and fortunate to have mentions of NY Train Project on The New York Times, PSFK, Village Voice, and Brownstoner among others.

MTA 3 Train, Crown Heights

L Train, Bushwick-Ave

Explore NY Train Project