Around The Web 01.29.16

Animated Double Exposure

The animated double exposures by Said Dagdeviren are amazing.

How NYC is subtly redesigning their subway cars.

Breifcase celebrates twenty years of Czech typeface.

This might be a leak of Snapchat redesign or it could just be rumors.

An interesting photo series documenting West African barbershops by Andrew Esiebo.

Around The Web 01.22.16

Second Skins

Second Skin is an ongoing project by photographer, Miguel Vallinas. The series captures portraits of animals in human bodies. It’s bizarre, beautiful and fascinating all at the same time.

North Korea has claimed that they have invented hangover-free alcohol. We will most likely never know if they are bluffing or not, but if they are serious I hope they can replicate that in America.

Graphic designers Craig & Karl created a brand identity that functions like a slot machine, resulting in countless identity changes.

It’s Nice That put together a collection of their favorite beer branding. Based on the design alone, I would be open to try them all!

Volkswagen created a spoof showing a trailer dragging a car in reverse. The reactions are pretty good.

Around The Web 01.14.16

Underwater Photography by Kim Keever

Amazing and colorful Underwater Photography by NYC based artists Kim Keever.

Some nice font alternatives to the heavily used Helevetica. via Subtraction

Japan’s version of Monopoly. Yes, it’s wacky, crazy and awesome all in one!

It’s not always about the money but it’s good to know, Which Design Jobs Pay the Most.

And for your Friday entertainment, all of Quentin Tarantino’s popular films summed up in 3 minutes.

Around The Web: 01.07.16

Kodak Super 8 Film Camera

Kodak announced the return of their Super 8 Film Camera this week. Their debuting it at the 2016 CES show.

The New York Public Library released 187,000 free high resolution images to use.

The much anticipated Oculus Rift went on pre-order this week for $599. Unfortunately, this is only compatible with PCs.

We all know saving each image from a website can be time consuming. Thanks to a chrome extension, I’m A Gentleman you can now save every image on a page with one click.

On the topic of cameras, Nikon has announced a 360 degree 4K camera called The KeyMission 360.