History of the Lens Flare

Interesting short clip put together by the people over at Vox explaining the history of the lens flare. Anyone who is a fan of movies, film, photography, and even design will immediately recognize the name and for those who might not be familiar with the name, once you see the effect that should quickly ring a bell.

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Coffee Cups of New York City

Gear Patrol has a great collection of New York City Coffee Cups.

Ever wonder where NASA’s old equipment go? Take a look at NASA’s Graveyards.

LifePrint is an app and portable printer that allows you to print an image from a video directly from your phone.

Resizer by Google Design is a great tool that allows you to see how your site looks on all devices by entering the url.

Photographer Aaron Tilley’s photo series, In Anxious Anticipation, captures images of high stress situations. via The Fox is Black

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Intel Face Mapping

Amazing face-mapping art performance created by Nobumichi Asai and Intel.

No matter what style of photography your into, there’s a ton of inspiring images from the 2016 World Press Photo contest.

Design studio Convivial has released a DIY augmented reality book that doesn’t require apps or glasses. However, a projector is needed. via PSFK

Currently in private beta, Figma has released a new tool that allows users to create vector objects entirely inside a browser.

Photographer Ayar Kuo spent 5 years capturing these fascinating photos of a cleansing ritual in Yakutia. via It’s Nice That

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Animated Double Exposure

The animated double exposures by Said Dagdeviren are amazing.

How NYC is subtly redesigning their subway cars.

Breifcase celebrates twenty years of Czech typeface.

This might be a leak of Snapchat redesign or it could just be rumors.

An interesting photo series documenting West African barbershops by Andrew Esiebo.

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Second Skins

Second Skin is an ongoing project by photographer, Miguel Vallinas. The series captures portraits of animals in human bodies. It’s bizarre, beautiful and fascinating all at the same time.

North Korea has claimed that they have invented hangover-free alcohol. We will most likely never know if they are bluffing or not, but if they are serious I hope they can replicate that in America.

Graphic designers Craig & Karl created a brand identity that functions like a slot machine, resulting in countless identity changes.

It’s Nice That put together a collection of their favorite beer branding. Based on the design alone, I would be open to try them all!

Volkswagen created a spoof showing a trailer dragging a car in reverse. The reactions are pretty good.

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Underwater Photography by Kim Keever

Amazing and colorful Underwater Photography by NYC based artists Kim Keever.

Some nice font alternatives to the heavily used Helevetica. via Subtraction

Japan’s version of Monopoly. Yes, it’s wacky, crazy and awesome all in one!

It’s not always about the money but it’s good to know, Which Design Jobs Pay the Most.

And for your Friday entertainment, all of Quentin Tarantino’s popular films summed up in 3 minutes.

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Kodak Super 8 Film Camera

Kodak announced the return of their Super 8 Film Camera this week. Their debuting it at the 2016 CES show.

The New York Public Library released 187,000 free high resolution images to use.

The much anticipated Oculus Rift went on pre-order this week for $599. Unfortunately, this is only compatible with PCs.

We all know saving each image from a website can be time consuming. Thanks to a chrome extension, I’m A Gentleman you can now save every image on a page with one click.

On the topic of cameras, Nikon has announced a 360 degree 4K camera called The KeyMission 360.

Why Instagram Needs to Move Past Square

This past week Instagram rolled out a new feature allowing users to post non-square photos. Users can now post a full size landscape and portrait shot as well. This is a step in the right direction and frankly, one that’s probably long over due. However, Instagram has stated they will always be committed to a square format and I think this is where the issue comes into play.

Instagram Landscape Format

The above image features a landscape shot and you can clearly see a couple superheros on both the left and right side of the frame. Being able to post a non-square photo is great and an example like this shows the advantage of that. I have no problem with this at all, my compliant comes when you view a users grid.

While we’re able to see the entire image above, below on the grid view the image randomly gets cropped back to a square format and does not have the same impact. While I understand having everything the same size might make it easier to quickly scan the grid, if I purposely post a landscape or portrait photo, I expect my grid to show it the same way.

Instagram Landscape Format

If an image has a tree in the center of the photo but 10 flying pigs on the left side of the frame that’s cropped out in the thumbnail, many people might not click on that photo. They might not care for just a tree shot but they don’t know their missing out on 10 awesome flying pigs. As long as Instagram is committed to a square format, I think this will always be an issue for people who are picker with their photos and how their presented.

For now, I’ll stick with borders to show my images in their entirety.

Instagram Grid View

Deception Pass State Park

Deception Pass State Park

This weekend we took a short trip up to Deception Pass State Park. The drive there was roughly an hour and a half and reminded me a bit of Highway 1 in Big Sur but of course a PNW version so more trees, fog, etc. There was a beach area at the bottom that we didn’t get a chance to check out this time but hopefully next time.

Deception Pass State Park in Washington
View of Deception Pass from the highway

Bridge at Deception Pass State Park
The infamous Deception Pass bridge

Deception Pass State Park

On the way back we drove through Whidbey Island. It was a nice little town with restaurants, little shops, etc. The Island is about a 15 minute ferry ride from Seattle. You can either drive onto the ferry with your car or walk on.

Washington State Ferries
Washington Ferry

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