Deception Pass State Park

Deception Pass State Park

This weekend we took a short trip up to Deception Pass State Park. The drive there was roughly an hour and a half and reminded me a bit of Highway 1 in Big Sur but of course a PNW version so more trees, fog, etc. There was a beach area at the bottom that we didn’t get a chance to check out this time but hopefully next time.

Deception Pass State Park in Washington
View of Deception Pass from the highway

Bridge at Deception Pass State Park
The infamous Deception Pass bridge

Deception Pass State Park

On the way back we drove through Whidbey Island. It was a nice little town with restaurants, little shops, etc. The Island is about a 15 minute ferry ride from Seattle. You can either drive onto the ferry with your car or walk on.

Washington State Ferries
Washington Ferry

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Big Sur

About two weeks ago I took a quick trip to Big Sur for the first time and it was a really nice and relaxing trip. We met up with a couple friends from California and spent most of the time just driving around, eating and hiking. Below are just a couple photos from the trip, check out my instagram feed for more.

Big Sur
The views along Highway 1 are amazing.

Cabin at Big Sur
I really liked the house we stayed at. Getting to it was tricky but I loved how it was pretty much off the grid with no cell phone service. The house was literally up a huge dirt road in the middle of the woods.

relaxing in the hammock

sunset at big sur

Pfeiffer Beach
Pfeiffer Beach

Big Sur California

Cliff Climbing
Climbing Cliffs along the coast

River Inn at Big Sur
River Inn is a store / inn / restaurant. Once a week they load up the grills outside with BBQ, Burgers, etc. There’s also a little river next to this with chairs that people can relax in. Reminded me a bit of my past trip to Austin, Texas.

Big Sur

Mcway Waterfalls
McWay Waterfalls

Bixby Bridge
Bixby Bridge

Big Sur Woods
We managed to get a hike in around Golden Hour and the result was amazing.

Korea Street Food Vendors

Korean Street Food

I’ve been to Korea twice and both times one of the things that I remember the most was all the street food scattered throughout the city. Recently after looking through my older photos, I noticed I took a lot of photos of the food vendors. I don’t know if I was hungry and wanted to document the food or if I was drawn into the way the food stands were set up, probably a little bit of both.

Anyways, I put together a new post on VSCO Journal documenting the Korean street food vendors.

Travel: Seattle


Last week I took a trip to Seattle for the first time. Despite what many people say about the weather it only rained once and the other days were pretty sun. Seattle has a great mix of mid-size city feel, surrounded by green lush, water and a ton of outdoor activities to do. The city is really walkable and is ranked 4th friendliest biking city in America.

Pike Market in Seattle
Pike Market

Gum Wall in Seattle
Gum Wall

Fishing Boat

Elliot Bay
Elliot Bay

If you visit Seattle, be sure to check out the EMP Museum (Experience Music Project). Contrary to the name, the museum also includes a Sci-Fi and Horror Film section which I liked. The architecture around the EMP is also really interesting.

EMP Museum in Seattle
EMP Museum

EMP Museum in Seattle
EMP Museum

EMP Museum in Seattle
EMP Museum

Fremont Bridge, Seattle
Fremont Bridge

Grand Central Arcade
Grand Central Arcade

Fremont, Seattle
All Green Everything

Shipping Port
Shipping Port

Twin Falls Trail
Twin Falls Trail

Twin Falls Trail

There’s no lack of food choices in Seattle either, thanks to the diverse city the options are pretty comparable to NYC. Some of the places we ate and I recommend include Westward, Mikes Noodle House in the Chinatown, Pie Bar (Alcohol and Pies) and Taylor’s Shellfish, both in Capital Hill. The Seafood at Pikes Market is really good and while your there check out Oriental Mart, a small tucked away Filipino restaurant that’s amazing.

Westward, Seatte

Westward, Seattle

Travel: Austin, Texas

Austin Texas

Over the 4th of July weekend I took a trip out to Austin, Texas for the first time. We spent most of our time doing outdoor activities and of course, eating. The vibe of the city is really laid back and people are ridiculously nice. I guess coming from New York, I didn’t find the city to be that “weird” except for all the angled parking, that was kind of strange. Overall, we had a great time and hope to come back again sometime.

For larger size photos or to see more check out my photography site.

Old Snack Stand

Driskill Hotel

If you like outdoor things to do, Austin has no shortage of that.
Hamilton Pool
Hamilton Pool

Lady Bird Lake
Lady Bird Lake

Blue Point National Park
Blue Hole National Park


Austin is the capital of food trucks and their literally everywhere you go. Here’s some photos just from 2 of the many ones we ate at.
Micklethwait Craft Meats
Micklethwait Craft Meats

Micklethwait BBQ in Austin, Texas

Gourdough's Donuts
Gourdough’s Donuts

Gourdough's Donuts
Miss Shortcake (Cream cheese icing with fresh strawberries) and Flying Pig (Bacon with maple syrup)

Old abandoned building in Austin
Old abandoned building in East Austin

Travels: Seoul, Korea

Seoul, Korea

The last leg of our trip was South Korea. We stayed in the infamous area known as Gangnam. Despite the songs popularity in America, I did not hear it once and that’s probably a good thing.

Food stall in South Korea A lot of food stalls in Korea are under a clear tent.

A man selling shoes in the street market Shoe store at the street market

Empty train in Korea

Bukchon Village, South Korea Bukchon Village – This neighborhood was really interesting, I liked all the old houses and small narrow alleys.

Changgyeongung temple Changgyeongung Palace

Changgyeongung Palace

Changgyeongung Palace

Noryangjin Fish Market Noryangjin Fish Market – You can buy the seafood in the market and take it to a restaurant upstairs and they’ll cook it for you.

A man reading the news at Noryangjin Fish Market Reading the news

Food craze in Korea - Fried Potato Skewers New food craze in Korea – Fried Potato Skewers

View of Gangnam Our hotel view of Gangnam

Cheonggyecheon Stream Cheonggyecheon Stream

National Museum of Korea National Museum of Korea

A man on train in Korea

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Travels: Kyoto, Japan

Kyoto Japan

Located from a 2 1/2 hour ride on the bullet train from Tokyo is Kyoto, the next stop on our trip in Japan. The streets are lined with old houses which are well kempt, each one with their own sense of character and style. The mix of old wood, ceramic tiles, bricks and colors make this city an amazing place to photograph and explore.

Train attendants from the Shinkansen train line in Japan Train attendants from the Shinkansen train line

Blue colored building in Kyoto, Japan

Small packed bicycle shop in KyotoSmall packed bicycle shop in Kyoto

Gion District, Kyoto

Gion is the definition of a place frozen in time, in a good way. The small district is located in Kyoto and houses the largest number of Geishas also known as Geikos. Their pretty rare to see and when you do happen to spot one, they usually move pretty quickly to avoid tourists and photographers.

The streets in Gion are very narrow and the restaurants can easily be overlooked. Their usually indicated by a small red lamp or a minimal glowing sign. If you want to learn and see all the traditional Japanese arts, there’s a show called Gion Corner. However, in my opinion it seemed like it was made just for tourists. I guess it’s like saying Little Italy has amazing Italian food.

Geisha in Gion I didn’t want to chase down and bother her, but I wish I would have gotten a slightly cleaner shot.

Streets are pretty narrow in Gion
Narrow streets in Gion

Old houses in Gion District of Kyoto

A guy riding his bike down the streets of kyoto

A geisha strolling by in the Gion District
A Geiko walking to her next appointment

Nara park in Kyoto
Deers are everywhere at Nara Park

Rainy day in Kyoto
Kyoto Tower on a rainy day

Nishiki Fish Market
Nishiki Fish Market

Train Conductor in Japan
Train Conductor

Kikokuso Inn
We stayed at a Ryokan called Kikokuso Inn. A bit pricey but if you can scrape up a little extra I highly recommend it. The experience is once in a lifetime and the staff is ridiculously nice and helpful.

Kikokuso Inn
Our room was very traditional and we slept on tatami-mats.

Inari Shrie, the location of the filming Memories of a Geisha
Fushimi Inari is seen in the film Memories of Geisha

A man praying at Fushimi Inari Shrine

Don’t forget to check out the first half of our trip in Tokyo and, for other travel photos you can view them here.

Travels: Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo, Japan

In the month of February I was fortunate enough to take 3 1/2 weeks off for my honeymoon. We traveled to Taiwan, Japan and Korea. I’ve always wanted to visit Japan so I was excited to finally get the chance. We stayed in Tokyo for about 9 days before heading to Kyoto for another 4. Below are photos from places just in Tokyo.

During our trip, the snow seemed to have followed us from New York. The city received the most amount of snow since 1998.

Most snow in Tokyo since 1998
Snow on the streets of Shibuya


Tsujiki Fish Market

One of my favorite places in Tokyo was the Tsukiji Fish Market. Most restaurants open around 5- 5:30am and if your planning on going, most likely your going to have to queue up in line regardless what time it is.

Our original plan was to eat at Sushi Dai, however the one day we decided to go there they were closed for some random reason. Instead we went next door to the Sushi Daiwa, another famous joint at the fish market. We woke up around 3am to head over and by 4:30 there was already a line forming outside the restaurant.

These carts are used to transport the seafood to the restaurants and vendors. These carts are used to transport the seafood to the restaurants and vendors.

A chef preparing for work in the early hours
4:30 am – Chefs and cooks preparing for work in the early hours

Cooks prepping for the day

Chef at Sushi Daiwa, one of the most popular restaurants at the Tsujiki Fish Market
Chef at Sushi Daiwa, one of the most popular restaurants at the Tsujiki Fish Market.

Fatty Tuna Nigiri
Fatty Tuna

Nigiri at Sushi Daiwa
I don’t quite remember what this was but it was damn good.

The attention to detail that people apply to everyday things is incredible. It’s very obvious people really care about what they do and how they present it.

A women in deep thought at Meji Shrine A women in deep thought at Meji Shrine

Traditional wedding attire for Japanese Brides
Traditional wedding attire for Japanese Brides

Hand Pulling the Soba Noodles in Ramen Alley, TokyoHand Pulling the Soba Noodles in Ramen Alley

A small restaurant in Yakitori AlleyA small restaurant in Yakitori Alley

Skyline of city taken from the Tokyo SkytreeSkyline of the city taken from the Tokyo Skytree

Tokyo Skytree

Sensoji Temple
Sensoji Temple

Streets of HarajukuStreets of Harajuku

Sake Barrels at Meiji Shrine
Sake Barrels at Meiji Shrine

Ichiran Ramen in Tokyo
If you want great ramen check out Ichiran Ramen. You preorder and pay at the front of the shop and they give you a little token. Then your taken to your own little cubicle-like table where your food is served through the bamboo drape in front of you.

There’s rumors that they are opening a chain in NYC this summer. I’m not sure if the experience will be the same but the ramen should be just as good.

Business Men chowing down in Ramen Alley
Salarymen chowing down in Ramen Alley

For more images you can view them on my Photography site. Also, check our Part II of our trip in Japan showcasing Kyoto.