Boston Scientific

Watchman Device

WATCHMAN is a breakthrough FDA approved device that offers an alternative option for patients taking warfarin. The device is one of Boston Scientific's most significant products.

The challenge was to create an experience for an audience who may not be the most tech-savvy.  Each interaction had to be clear and simple. Through carefully crafted stories, copy, and content, the goal was to have the user connect with the product when they explore the site.


Working within a limited budget, one of the challenges was to create a consistent photography direction throughout WATCHMAN. It was clear that stock photography was the best option for this. However, we didn't want to go with the obvious medical images. Instead, we carefully selected photos that captured a moment then touched them up to make sure they were all bright, warm and welcoming.

Modular approach

Modular blocks were created to allow content to be easily updated while keeping the flexibility to explore various layouts on the site. Icons, graphs, and data points were essential in helping the user learn about the device.


Doctor Finder

We proposed the idea of creating a brand new doctor finder experience for Boston Scientific. The concept would allow users to search for a doctor or hospital by either zip code or the doctor's name. Users could then narrow their search by distance and availability and book an appointment directly from the finder.


Each page went through a series of design explorations to determine the most simple and effective solution for the intended audience.


140k unique visits in the first 3 months

Scaled globally to 100+ countries


Lia Aran - CD
Rachael Wert - CW
Chris Moles - UX
Nikki Fonseth - Design
+ Other talented people


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