MTV Music Meter


MTV Music Meter utilizes an algorithm developed by EchoNest to rank the top 100 emerging artists. The site works by tracking artists social media buzz through Twitter, Facebook, blogs, and news feeds and ranks them according to which artists is creating the most velocity at any given moment. MTV Music Meter allows fans to discover potential new artists that they might not have heard before.

This product was designed for the web, iOS, Android and Samsung Smart TV. 

Card concepts

We explored the concept of having all the artists content nested in what we called "cards." The idea was to make the ranked artists the main focus on the page. Once a user clicks a card, the content would expand like an accordion. 

Embedded player

The idea of an embedded audio player was pitched during the process. The thought was to help drive more traffic to MTV Music Meter and allowed possible sponsorship opportunities. 

You hear it first

Each artist card contains audio tracks that allow users to preview the song and make a purchase if they like it.

TV Platform

MTV Music Meter was also available for Samsung Smart TVs. The challenge was to create a consistent experience with the desktop and app versions. Obviously a tv remote functions differently so we tried to simplify the number of steps the user had to press to access content.

Samsung experience

For the launch of the Music Meter app, MTV took over the Samsung Experience store located at Columbus Circle. The app was showcased on all mobile and tablet devices as well as tvs. I worked on a series of illustrations and animations that was displayed throughout the store.


1M+ app downloads

1M+ app downloads


Mark Mezrich
Shannon Connolly
Kyle Eberle
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Carrot Creative - Mobile App
Accedo - TV App
+ Other talented people


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